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Rapid Prenatal FISH

Also known as: Prenatal Interphase FISH, Rapid FISH, Aneuploidy FISH

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Abnormalities of chromosome number can cause spontaneous miscarriage, or the birth of a baby with congenital malformations and developmental delay. This is a rapid test of the numbers of selected chromosomes in a sample of the placenta, amniotic fluid, or fetal blood. It is then followed by a diagnostic chromosome analysis. This test provides diagnostic and prognostic information.

Clinical Utility

An abnormal result provides a genetic diagnosis and the basis for genetic counselling. A normal result does not exclude a genetic or heritable disorder.


Not specified

Test Method

Analysis of the number of selected chromosomes by fluorescent in situ hybridisation (FISH).

Test Ordering

This test is usually requested by an obstetrician or clinical geneticist.

Chorionic villus sample, amniotic fluid, or fetal blood sample are required. An invasive procedure by an obstetrician is necessary to obtain this.

To help ensure the quality of the test, a genetic test should be done with a dedicated sample whenever possible i.e. a sample collected specifically for that test rather than a sample that is used for multiple tests.

We also recommend that the patient or another adult check the labelling of request forms and sample tubes.

Special Instructions

Please include details of any clinical abnormalities in the patient being tested, and the results of chromosome studies in relatives.



Medicare Rebate

This test is not rebated by Medicare. The laboratory assumes that the patient or client has provided informed financial consent for the test.

Turnaround Time

1-2 working days.