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Coeliac Disease HLA Typing

Also known as: Coeliac Tissue Typing

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Patients with coeliac disease almost always have specific variants of the human leukocyte antigens, HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8.

These variants are necessary, but not sufficient, for the disease to occur. Up to 30% of some Caucasian populations have these specific variants, but only 5-10% of such people ever develop coeliac disease.

Clinical Utility

The presence of these variants indicates that a person is at increased risk of developing coeliac disease. Nonetheless, the majority of people with these variants will not develop coeliac disease.

The absence of these variants effectively excludes a diagnosis of coeliac disease in the patient now or in the future. This is the principle value of the test, excluding the current or potential diagnosis of coeliac disease in a symptomatic patient, a patient on a gluten-free diet, or in the relatives of a person with coeliac disease.

Test Method

Analysis of the gene sequence of the HLA-DQ and DR genes for the presence of specific variants.

Test Ordering

This test can be requested by any medical practitioner.

5 mL blood in EDTA. Specimens may be collected by the requesting practitioner or at any Sonic Healthcare pathology collection centre.

To help ensure the quality of the test, a genetic test should be done with a dedicated sample whenever possible i.e. a sample collected specifically for that test rather than a sample that is used for multiple tests.

We also recommend that the patient or another adult check the labelling of request forms and sample tubes.



This test may have a rebate for all or part of the cost.

Medicare Rebate

This test has a Medicare rebate of $101.05, subject to the requirements of the Medicare descriptor being met. The MBS item number is 71151.

Turnaround Time

5 working days.