Who Can Order Genetic Tests

Ordering Genetic Tests

Sonic Genetics only provides genetic tests via doctors. We do not provide medical genetic tests directly to members of the public. We are primarily a pathology service that provides a service in medical genetics and genetic testing for the doctors who care for patients. This is consistent with the requirements of the national regulatory agency which sets standards for medical genetic laboratories in Australia. These requirements include the statement that “The Laboratory must provide medical nucleic acid testing only in the context of a clinical service provided by a medical practitioner”.

This caution is based on the complexity and implications of genetic testing for both the patient and potentially for their families. For this reason, it is imperative that all tests are performed in close consultation with the referring doctor.

Non-medical genetic tests i.e. relationship testing such as parentage testing and similar investigations, fall outside the scope of medical genetic tests and can be ordered directly by patients. Relationship testing is provided by a specific laboratory in Sonic Genetics and details of testing, together with consent and collection forms are available.