Please note that, on rare occasions, we may be unable to provide an assessment of specific chromosome conditions or of fetal sex.

Sonic Genetics’ NIPT is available with a number of optional tests which are provided at no cost. The decision about which options will be included in your test will be made by you and your doctor. Note that adding these options after you have received a result may not be possible. We can only provide tests which are requested by your doctor on our NIPT request form. Australian regulatory authorities will not allow us to provide NIPT without your doctor’s authorisation.

Once you have received a completed NIPT request form from your doctor, you will need to book and pay for your NIPT. This can be done by using the Sonic Genetics payment portal. Please phone Sonic Genetics on 1800 010 447 if you need assistance.

Before making your payment on the payment portal or by phone, please refer to your NIPT request form and only pay for the tests requested. If you wish to select different test options i.e. options that have not been requested by your doctor, please do not proceed with payment even though the price may not change. Ask your doctor to amend your request form and then return to this website for payment. Once your payment has been accepted, your doctor cannot amend the NIPT options requested.


In the rare circumstance that a repeat sample is required, the repeat test is performed at no additional cost. We recognise that this result will be a disappointment for the patient, and represents no fault on the part of the woman, her doctor, or the laboratory. In view of this inability to provide an assessment of chromosomes 21, 18 and 13, we will provide a full refund to the individual credit card holder that paid Sonic Genetics directly for the test. Please contact us on 1800 010 447.

Please note that we offer assessment of fetal gender and for sex chromosome abnormalities at no additional cost. As this is a free supplementary test and not the primary intended use of the test, we do not offer a refund should a result for sex chromosomes or fetal sex not be available.

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