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NIPT Pricing

The cost of NIPT is $425 (screening for trisomy 21, 18 and 13).

NIPT is not rebated by Medicare and is not covered by private health insurance.

The cost of standard NIPT for the three common trisomies is $425. There is no additional charge

  • if you have a twin or IVF pregnancy
  • if your doctor selects the option of screening for fetal sex
  • if your doctor selects the option of screening for an abnormal number of sex chromosomes.

However, there is an additional charge of $70 if your doctor selects the option of genome-wide NIPT.

The decision about which options to include in your test will be made by you and your doctor. We do not provide any of these options by default. You should discuss what information you want from the test, avoiding options that may provide information that you do not want. Your doctor will then include your chosen options on the request form. Australian regulatory authorities will not allow us to provide NIPT without your doctor’s authorisation. This authorisation must be obtained before paying for the test and booking your sample collection.

Once you have received a completed NIPT request form from your doctor, you will need to book and pay for your NIPT. This can be done by using the Sonic Genetics payment portal. If you need assistance, please phone the Sonic Genetics helpline on 1800 010 447.

Before making your payment on the payment portal or by phone, please refer to your NIPT request form and only pay for the tests requested. If you wish to select different screen options i.e. options that have not been requested by your doctor, please do not proceed with payment even though the price may not change. Ask your doctor to amend your request form and then return to this website for payment. Once your payment has been accepted, your doctor cannot amend the NIPT options requested.


On rare occasions, we may be unable to provide a standard NIPT assessment i.e. we cannot report on the chance of the pregnancy having any of the three common trisomies. This is usually due to the complex biology of pregnancy rather than a failure of the test method. It is usually not worth repeating the test as those underlying complexities will not have changed. However, if we recommend that a repeat sample be collected and analysed, this would be done at no additional cost to you.

We recognise that an inability to provide a result for the three trisomies will be a disappointment for you and your doctor. This outcome does not represent a fault on the part of the patient the doctor, or the laboratory. In view of this inability to provide an assessment for trisomies 21, 18 and 13 after one sample collection (or two collections, if recommended by the laboratory), we will provide a full refund to the individual credit card holder that paid Sonic Genetics directly for the test. Please contact us on 1800 010 447 as necessary.

There are also rare situations in which we can report an assessment of the three trisomies (and genome-wide NIPT, if requested), but cannot provide an assessment of fetal sex or sex chromosome abnormalities. This too, is a reflection of a range of biological and technical factors, rather than being the fault of the patient, the doctor or the laboratory. As these options are provided at no charge, and the standard or genome-wide NIPT has been successfully provided, we do not offer a refund in this setting..

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