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Billing policy

We aim to be fair and reasonable with our fee structure. Our fees are set at a level to ensure that we can deliver a high quality and comprehensive genetic pathology service to you.
The cost of a genetic test may be billed to Medicare (bulk-billed), the patient (private fee), a third party (hospital, clinic, or insurer) or a combination of these. We cannot provide details of every possible scenario for each genetic test on this website.
·      If the genetic test is rebated by Medicare, we note this on our website and provide a link to the Medicare details for this test. The Medicare rebate will cover all or part of the cost of the test. Please note that Medicare may limit the rebate to patients who fulfil certain criteria for testing. These restrictions are determined by Medicare, not Sonic Genetics; if you do not meet the criteria, you will be required to pay for the test yourself i.e. private fee.
·      If there is no Medicare rebate for the genetic test, we note this on our website and provide an indicative private fee for the test. The actual fee may differ from this, depending on a patient’s circumstances. You will be required to pay for the test. For some tests, the laboratory will contact you to obtain payment before testing; for other tests, the laboratory will send you an account after the test has been reported.
·      This website does not specify the fee that may be payable by a third party such as a hospital, clinic or insurer.

.       If the test requested is not one that is performed by one of the Sonic laboratories, or your doctor has specifically requested that the sample is referred to a laboratory outside of our network, there may be administration charge.

Our prices are listed on our test menu

The cost of a genetic test, and what proportion of that cost will be a private fee, should be discussed with the doctor ordering the test. Any questions regarding the billing of a genetic test should be directed to the local Sonic Pathology Australia practice which collected the sample for that test.