Genetic counselling

Sonic Genetics utilises our world-class genetic laboratories to provide you with an excellent genetic test. However, genetic testing for a heritable disorder involves more than good laboratory practice. The test result may also have broader implications for the person tested (e.g. insurance, family planning), as well as significant implications for family members (e.g. future health, insurance etc). The same applies if the test identifies you and/or your partner as being at high-risk of having a child affected with a disorder that can cause serious illness.

For these reasons, a careful discussion about the medical and non-medical implications of a genetic test for both the patient and relatives should be considered before the test is performed and is recommended for certain tests. This discussion is called “genetic counselling”.

Sonic Genetics maintains a list of public and private genetic counselling services nationally. We also provide free genetic counselling in a number of specific situations for patients or couples who have been tested or are planning to be tested by Sonic Genetics, through one of the Sonic Healthcare pathology laboratories.