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Sonic Genetics Pricing

We try to be as open about pricing as we can. For many of the tests we provide, the price is listed on our website. However, in some instances, we can’t provide actual prices and/or details about Medicare rebates until the test gets to the laboratory.

The prices shown on our website represent the maximum that would be paid for the test by a patient seeing a doctor in a clinic or doctor’s rooms in Australia. These prices do not necessarily apply to patients who have the test during a stay in hospital, or who are not Australian residents, or where the cost of the test is being covered by an organisation rather than the individual. These prices do not apply to patients being cared for outside Australia.

The actual cost paid by the patient may be less than the price shown, depending on what other tests have been ordered. There may also be a separate collection fee that covers the cost of collecting the required samples for whatever tests have been ordered on a particular occasion.

More than 90% of the genetic tests provided across Australia are not covered by Medicare. Where applicable, we indicate the rebate that would potentially be available from Medicare. Medicare rebates for genetic pathology are complex, and the criteria can vary widely for each patient according to a range of different factors such as whether a patient has an affected family member etc. It is important to note that Medicare rebates are often limited to patients who fulfil these requirements; we have provided links to the Medicare website that provides this information for each rebated test. The Medicare rebate for a test is not available if the necessary conditions were not fulfilled.

For the tests that are covered by Medicare, the rebate provided is often less than the cost to us of providing the test. This means that we often ask the patient to pay for all or part of the cost of the test, whether there is a Medicare rebate or not. We recognise that this will not be easy for many patients and families. We are working with Government and the health insurance industry to address this matter. We also review our prices regularly, and we aim to provide the best value in terms of quality and information for the price paid.

Doctors could also discuss with patients the other options for testing e.g. through public hospital clinics. 

Please contact us at or on 1800 010 447 if you have any questions or concerns.

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