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Prenatal paternity

Test category:

DNA Labs - Relatedness

Use of test


This test assesses up to 24 highly variable regions of the genetic code between mother, father and the fetus to determine whether the fetus is biologically determined to be from those parents.


A man can be excluded with 100% certainty of being the biological father of the fetus. If the man is not excluded, then with DNA testing, the probability of him being the father will be reported with a minimum likelihood of 99.95%.

Ethical considerations:

The collection and testing of samples requires the explicit consent of all parties from whom samples are collected. The collection of a sample for genetic testing without consent may be illegal.


Analysis of the number of repeats in highly variable 'short tandem repeats' located at multiple points in the genetic code.

Requesting the test


This test is requested by private application however there must have been a referral to an obstetrician with an appointment arranged first for the invasive procedure. The psychological, ethical, and legal consequences that may arise from the test result should be considered before requesting this test.

Request form:

> Link to application forms for testing

Sample required:

Chorionic villus sample or amniotic fluid plus buccal swabs from mother and testing father.

Special instructions:

This test involves collection of the fetal sample by an obstetrician. Please contact the laboratory on 1300 663 244 as application and collection kits are required for the day of sample collection.

Turnaround time:

2-3 business days from receipt of all samples at DNALabs.


Please contact DNALabs on 1300 663 244.


This test is not rebated by Medicare and requires prepayment.

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