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DAZ gene (Y microdeletion)

Also known as: DAZ deletion PCR, AZF

Test category:

Reproductive - Infertility

Use of test


Deletion of one or more of a cluster of DAZ genes on the Y Chromosome is associated with azoospermia. DAZ gene deletions are inherited in a Y-linked fashion. This test provides diagnostic information.


An abnormal result in an affected man is diagnostic. Males with a DAZ gene deletion are often infertile. The deletion may have occured as a de novo event, or be familial.

Ethical considerations:

This is an assay for mutations which may be heritable or de novo. It may raise issues of ethics or consent that are different from most other investigations ordered in the routine care of a patient.


PCR analysis of DAZ gene regions of the Y Chromosome to detect deletions.

Requesting the test


This test is usually requested by a fertility specialist or clinical geneticist.

Sample required:

4 mL blood in EDTA (separate tube required). Specimens may be collected by the requesting practitioner or at any Sonic Healthcare collection centre (see link below).

To help ensure the quality of the test, a genetic test should be done with a dedicated sample whenever possible i.e. a sample collected specifically for that test rather than a sample that is used for multiple tests.

We recommend that the patient or another adult check the labelling of request forms and sample tubes.

>Link to Sonic Healthcare collection centres

Special instructions:

Consider tests for other genetic risk factors for male infertility such as CFTR mutation panel (cystic fibrosis and CBAVD).

Turnaround time:

10 business days.




This test is not rebated by Medicare. The laboratory assumes that the patient or client has provided informed financial consent for the test.

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