How it Works

Taking the Harmony Prenatal Test is easy. It requires a simple blood draw, which can be done as early as soon as 10 completed weeks of gestation.


Four Simple Steps

  1. Visit your doctor to discuss the Harmony Prenatal Test and decide whether it is right for you. Your doctor will provide you with a completed request form for the test.
  2. Visit to arrange payment for your Harmony test and book a blood collection at your nearest collection centre.
  3. Once 10 weeks’ gestation is completed (or later), have the simple blood test.
  4. Results will be sent to your doctor within 5–8 business days from the collection of your sample.

Harmony delivers clear answers as early as the first trimester with a single blood draw.

In 2–3% of patients, there may be insufficient fetal DNA in the mother’s blood for the Harmony test to give an accurate result of chromosome disorders. In this situation, we recommend a re-collection and will re-analyse the sample at no extra cost.

Should no result for chromosome disorders be possible after a second re-collection, the credit card holder that paid for the test will be refunded in full upon request.


The Harmony Prenatal Test relies on a proprietary, targeted DNA-based technology to provide exceptionally accurate results. The pricing of the test can be found here. The core test is a screen for the common trisomies that include Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau syndrome. There is an additional charge if you wish to select an extended screen that also includes the most common microdeletion syndrome known as DiGeorge syndrome.

There is no additional charge if you have a twin pregnancy, or if you request to screen for sex chromosome abnormalities or fetal sex. However, due to the biological complexity of analysing sex chromosomes, such results are not guaranteed to be provided. Less than 1% of samples analysed will not give a result for sex chromosomes. Should there be no result for sex chromosome analysis but a result given for other chromosomal disorders, there will be no refund.

Payment is required in advance. In the rare circumstance that a repeat sample is required, the repeat test is performed at no additional cost.

At present, non-invasive prenatal testing is not rebated by Medicare nor covered by private health insurance.

Your Results

The test result will give you a clear answer about the chance of there being any of the genetic conditions tested for.

Once your Harmony Prenatal Test has been completed your results will be sent to your requesting doctor for review. Your doctor will be able to take you through your results and explain the full details of our report.

As with all NIPT based on cell-free DNA analysis, the Harmony Prenatal Test is not diagnostic. This means that an abnormal result must be confirmed by cytogenetic testing after amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS). Should your results indicate this, Sonic Genetics can organise independent genetic counselling free of charge for Australian-based patients that have prepaid Sonic Genetics for the NIPT.

There may be occasions whereby the result is correct but the fetus may have demised and the placenta is still functioning. It is recommended that a scan is performed prior to undertaking the NIPT to confirm viability, number of fetuses and accurate dating; this information is required for an accurate Harmony result. An NIPT result should be carefully reviewed by your doctor, together with other information about your pregnancy before basing any decision on that result. Please also note that NIPT is a test for the conditions noted above; it is not a test for every possible fetal disorder. These considerations apply to any form of NIPT; they are not specific to the Harmony Prenatal Test.