FAQs - Section 9: The Cost of the Harmony Prenatal Test

The Harmony Prenatal Test relies on a proprietary, targeted DNA-based technology to provide exceptionally accurate results.

  • The price is $425 for the detection of trisomy 13, 18 or 21.
  • The price is $495 for trisomy analysis and 22q11.2 deletion.
  • There is no additional charge for the detection of sex chromosome aneuploidies or fetal sex determination (but please note that these need to be requested on the form).
  • There is no additional charge for a twin or IVF pregnancy.

Payment is required from the patient prior to collection of the Harmony blood sample unless you have a corporate agreement in place with Sonic Healthcare. Please click here if you would like to discuss a corporate arrangement.

For more information, please visit our Pricing page.


Medicare rebates are determined by the Federal Government, not Sonic Genetics. An application has been made for Medicare funding of this test, and the outcome will be included on this website.

If Harmony is unable to provide a result for the risk of autosomal abnormalities after the first collection, a repeat collection and analysis will be offered free of charge.

If Harmony is unable to provide a result for the risk of autosomal abnormalities after the second collection (~1% of all patients tested), Sonic Genetics will refund the cost of the test. This refund is limited to patients who have paid Sonic Healthcare directly and can only be made to the credit card holder. Such patients should contact us on 1800 010 447 to request a refund and advise us of their credit card details.

Harmony provides a result for the autosomal trisomies but not for fetal sex chromosome abnormalities or fetal sex in ~1% of patients tested. In this situation, the manufacturer of the test does not recommend a repeat collection and Sonic Genetics does not offer a refund. The primary purpose of Harmony is to detect autosomal abnormalities. The provision of results for fetal sex or the risk of sex chromosome aneuploidies are optional extras for which there is no additional fee.

The biological explanation for such failures can be found here.

Sonic Genetics is committed to providing tests of high quality that provide useful information, and to making them as widely available as possible. We recognise that some tests may be cheaper or more expensive than ours. The differences in price may reflect different services that are bundled with the test, different costs in providing the test, and different profit margins for the providers. Most importantly, not all NIPTs are the same.

We are proud to provide an NIPT which is maintained to an international standard across all Harmony laboratories globally. Our test makes no assumptions regarding the developing baby, and we only provide an assessment report if there is sufficient DNA for an accurate result. The quality of our test has been documented in published studies of more than 23,000 women, and accepted by more than 1,000,000 women globally. We have a team of highly qualified medical specialists and scientists to support the requesting doctors, and we have invested heavily in providing information for patients and doctors (including this website).