FAQs - Section 7: Collecting a Blood Sample for Harmony

When the patient arrives at the designated collection centre, the details on her request form will be confirmed and a sample of blood collected into special tubes. This process takes approximately 20 minutes.


There is no need for the patient to fast, avoid specific medications or avoid intercourse. However, there are suggestions that exercise will increase the level of maternal cell-free DNA in a blood sample and so the patient should be physically rested prior to the blood draw.


When the patient has a completed test request form, she is directed to call Sonic Genetics on 1800 010 447 to nominate a convenient collection centre, arrange a time for collection and to pay for the test. A directory of collection centres available to collect NIPT samples is available on our website. Payment and booking can also be done online through the Sonic Genetics Payment Portal.

Sonic has approximately 1,850 collection centres nationally, but not all of these are suitable to collect this test and will not carry the special tubes required. For this reason, we ask that each patient identify the most convenient collection centre that collects Harmony and book a specific time for collection.

The DNA in maternal blood degrades rapidly and delays in getting the sample to the laboratory must be avoided. For this reason, we have limited the number of collection centres for Harmony to ensure a quick and smooth transport link to our laboratory. We are continuing to expand this network of collection centres nationally.

Tests can be cancelled by phoning us on 1800 010 447. If the test has not been completed, the test process will be ceased and no result issued.

If the test has been completed, we are obliged to issue the report to the requesting clinician, who is then responsible for the further management of the report.

Depending on the stage at which the test is cancelled, the payment for Harmony may be refunded in part or in full; this is at the discretion of the laboratory, as costs may have already been incurred.