Section 1: Aneuploidy in Pregnancy

What is aneuploidy?
How common is aneuploidy in pregnancy?
How does the risk of fetal aneuploidy increase with maternal age?

Section 2: The Purpose of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

What is NIPT?
How does NIPT work?
How is NIPT different from other prenatal screening tests?
Can the mother’s health interfere with NIPT?
Why are there different types of NIPT?
Which type of NIPT should women use?
Does a pregnant woman still require a conventional first trimester screen?
Who should be offered NIPT?
In what circumstances may NIPT not be an appropriate test?
What is the downside to Harmony?

Section 3: The Accuracy of Harmony

What is the accuracy of Harmony?
What is the PPV of Harmony?
How accurate is Harmony in twin pregnancies?
Can Harmony be performed for triplets or higher order multiple pregnancies?
Can Harmony be used in IVF pregnancy?

Section 4: What Conditions May Be Detected by Harmony?

Are all chromosomal abnormalities detected by Harmony?
What autosomal aneuploidies are detected?
Does Harmony reveal the sex of the fetus?
What sex chromosome aneuploidies are detected by Harmony?
Does Harmony test for microdeletions?
Does Harmony test for familial disorders such as cystic fibrosis?
Can Harmony diagnose cancer in a pregnant woman?

Section 5: Results and Confirmatory Testing

How long does it take to get a result?
Are Harmony Prenatal Test results confidential?
Can maternal weight affect the Harmony test?
Why do some Harmony Prenatal Tests not provide a result?
How can I calculate the positive predictive value of Harmony for my patient?
Does a woman have to have a CVS, amniocentesis or termination of pregnancy?|
Why would amniocentesis or CVS be recommended even if the result is normal?

Section 6: Requesting Harmony

At what time in pregnancy can the Harmony Prenatal Test be performed?
Should Harmony be done before or after the patient has an ultrasound scan?
If a woman has different estimated dates for delivery, which one should be used?
Does the Harmony Prenatal Test require a special request form?
Who can request a Harmony Prenatal Test?
Is a booking required for blood sample collection?
Why are blood sample collections restricted to certain collection centres?
What does sample collection involve?
Does the Harmony collection require special preparation?
Can a patient or doctor cancel a Harmony Prenatal Test?

Section 7: The Cost of the Harmony Prenatal Test

How much does the Harmony Prenatal Test cost?
Is there a Medicare rebate for the Harmony Prenatal Test?
Why is the price of the Harmony Prenatal Test different to other types of NIPT?

Section 8: Glossary

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)
First trimester screening