Arranging a Test

Arranging a Test


The test can only be performed after 10 weeks’ gestation, and then at any time up to term. This test has not been validated at earlier gestations, as the concentration of fetal DNA in maternal plasma is too low prior to 10 weeks.


The blood sample is collected into specific tubes. The specific tube must be used to ensure that the DNA in the maternal plasma is not degraded.


Testing is only available at specific collection centres, and is sometimes only performed on specific days (please call 1800 010 447 for details)

NIPT Request Form

We require a specific request form that must be signed by both requesting doctor and patient. This form assists with the provision of the required clinical information and confirms that the patient has been adequately counselled.

Download a Sonic Genetics Harmony Request Form

How Long Does the Test Take?

We aim to provide you with the test result within 5-8 business days, from the date of sample collection.

On rare occasions, Harmony test is unable to provide results. This may be due to there being too little fetal DNA in the mother’s blood sample, or to problems in the shipping or analysis of the sample. It is usually possible to provide a result with a repeat blood sample. The need for such a repeat sample is usually not known until the final stages of the analysis.


The Harmony Prenatal Test relies on a proprietary, targeted DNA-based technology to provide exceptionally accurate results. The cost of this test is $425.

Payment is required in advance. In the rare circumstance that a repeat sample is required, the repeat test is performed at no additional cost.

At present, non-invasive prenatal testing is not rebated by Medicare nor covered by private health insurance.