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Genetic Testing

The introduction of genetic testing into mainstream healthcare is transforming the way that many doctors approach medical decision-making. Genetic tests allow questions to be answered with more accuracy or timeliness, and opens up the possibility of asking new questions that haven’t been considered before.

For many doctors, the speed of this transformation is challenging. Much of the basic science has been discovered in recent years, well after they completed their formal medical education. Patients are increasingly aware of the potential for genetics in managing specific medical issues, and may present with a request for a genetic test that the doctor has not heard of. Together with the growing demand for services, doctors may feel overwhelmed by the introduction of medical genetics into their day-to-day practice.

The Sonic Genetics website has been designed to assist doctors manage this transformation.

  • Each test is described briefly in terms of its purpose and utility. Technical details about the method of testing and genes are kept to a minimum.
  • Each test has links to additional information for doctors and patients.
  • The website’s summary information about a test can be printed off to provide to the patient.
  • There are links to forms that can be printed to document consent to having the test, as well as consent to pay for the test.

Sonic Genetics also has a number of genetic pathologists who can advise doctors about the specific issue they need to address regarding a patient’s healthcare. These pathologists can be contacted at or on 1800 010 447.

The field of medical genetics and genetic testing is changing rapidly. We make additions to our test list frequently as new methods or indications for tests are identified. If you would like to be kept informed of these new investigations, or of developments regarding our established tests, please register to receive our Sonic Genetics Newsletter.