Genetic counselling


Providing access to counselling services to assist in the management of genetic testing in families.

Sonic Genetics uses accredited genetic laboratories in Australia and overseas to provide genetic tests of high quality. However, genetic testing involves more than just good laboratory practice.

A genetic test for a heritable mutation may have broader implications for the person tested (e.g. life insurance, family planning) as well as significant implications for family members (e.g. future health, life insurance etc). This type of genetic test carries implications that can be different from those typically considered for a pathology test. We recommend that the doctor requesting such a genetic test have a careful discussion about the medical and non-medical implications for both the patient and relatives before the test is performed; this discussion should be noted in the patient’s record.

A genetic test of a cancer will typically identify mutations that are not heritable, having occurred only in the cancer. Such mutations do not have broader implications for the patient or the family. This genetic test usually carries the same implications as most other tests performed on a cancer, and does not require specific consideration of family-related issues.

Sonic Genetics is a laboratory service and is not primarily a provider of genetic counselling. However, we do facilitate referral to external providers of genetic counselling for patients having selected complex tests e.g. cardiac genetics, and for women with a high-risk result from non-invasive prenatal testing. Please contact us on 1800 010 447 for details.

Genetic counselling services

Click the link below for a list of private genetic counselling services available across Australia. This list is not necessarily complete, and we welcome the opportunity to add further providers.

Click the link below for a list of all HGSA-registered genetic counselling services available across Australia.