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Sonic Genetics service

Sonic Genetics brings together the national and international expertise of Sonic Healthcare to provide doctors, patients and families across Australia with a comprehensive range of accredited genetic tests.

As one of Australia’s largest private genetic testing facilities, Sonic Genetics understands that genetic testing is a complex and emerging field of medicine. We provide detailed explanations and resources to allow people to make informed choices about medical decisions.

DNA relationship testing

Defining the genetic relationship between people or tissue samples using DNA markers.

Familial disorders

Identifying the genetic basis of familial disorders that affect children and adults.

Genetic counselling

Providing access to counselling services to assist in the management of genetic testing in families.


Analysis of genes modifying the risk of disease or responsible for familial disorders of the immune system.


Mutation analysis of cancers to help clarify diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic decisions in cancer care.

Paediatric disorders

Childhood-onset disorders due to new cytogenetic abnormalities and inherited mutations.


Analysis of genes involved in drug metabolism and hypersensitivity, allowing clinicians to prescribe with confidence.

Reproductive health

Screening of couples prior to conception, or during early pregnancy, including non-invasive prenatal testing.

As with any medical test, there are key aspects to using genetic tests well. These involve understanding:

  1. The question being asked of the test (the scope of the test)

  2. The clinical interpretation of the test result (application), and

  3. The potential for non-medical consequences arising from the test (ethical and social issues).

The scientific and technical foundations of the test can inform this understanding, but technical knowledge is not necessary for a test to be used wisely. The professional staff at Sonic Genetics do understand the scientific and technical foundations of each test. We partner with doctors to obtain the best outcome for their patients without requiring that every doctor becomes a geneticist.

Genes are the fundamental source of biological information that guides cells, tissues, and people in their development and their response to the environment. The fundamental nature of this information has provided staggering insight into the risks, pathogenesis and natural history of disease. However, it is important to note that factors other than genetics will also play a role. Hence, a genetic test is not necessarily proof that a person will develop a condition, or that a genetic abnormality is the only reason for a disorder. A genetic test, like any other medical test, may yield a false positive or a false negative result.

The genetic pathologists at Sonic Genetics are available for consultation with doctors to clarify the scope of a test and its relevance in a particular context.

A genetic result includes data (the description of the genetic status of the patient) and an interpretation (the potential impact of this on the patient’s wellbeing). The significance of this interpretation i.e. the application of the test result in decision-making for that patient, will vary according to the specific details of the patient’s condition. These details will not necessarily be known by the laboratory.

As with every medical test, the more information a doctor provides on the request form, the more useful will be the interpretation provided by the laboratory. Please help us to help you!

It may also be important to consider other non-genetic factors which may alter the clinical significance of a test result. For example, a test which indicates that a person is at risk of a familial disorder may not be medically relevant for a number of years. Conversely, there are some genetic test results that carry a degree of urgency and should lead to significant clinical decisions being implemented promptly.

The genetic pathologists at Sonic Genetics are available for consultation with doctors to assist in applying the result of a genetic test to a patient’s situation.

Most medical tests provide information about the specific patient, and do not carry medical implications for relatives. On the other hand, tests for a familial disorder may carry significant implications for relatives.

Non-genetic investigations for a familial disorder e.g. measurements of serum cholesterol in familial hypercholesterolaemia, may also carry significant implications for relatives. Nonetheless, genetic tests for a familial or heritable mutation typically raise issues regarding the psychological, social, financial, and legal implications of the test result that extend far beyond the medical implications for the patient tested.

These issues have been reviewed in a discussion document by the NHMRC regarding medical genetic testing.

The genetic pathologists at Sonic Genetics are available for consultation with doctors to assist in identifying general ethical and social issues potentially arising from the result of a genetic test. It may also be appropriate to consult with a local ethics committee to address the specifics of a given situation.

Please click here for our test list that includes approximate turnaround times to expect results. Contact your local pathology provider for results and not Sonic Genetics. We do not issue results directly to patients. Please click here for instructions on how to securely email genetic reports via Sonic Dx.

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