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Reproductive carrier screening post-test genetic counselling for high-risk couples

Sonic Genetics offers post-test telephone-based genetic counselling free-of-charge to couples identified as being at high-risk of having a child affected with an inherited disorder that can cause serious illness.

To be eligible for this service:

  • Both partners must be carriers for the same autosomal recessive disorder, or the female partner is a carrier for an X-linked disorder.
  • At least one partner must have had carrier testing through Sonic Genetics (a copy of the report for testing performed at another laboratory must be provided).
  • Sonic Healthcare or one of their subsidiaries should have been paid directly for the test.

How the service works:

Genetic counselling is provided as a clinical service on the basis of a referral from the patient’s doctor. If a patient wishes to self-refer for genetic counselling, they could approach a genetic counselling provider directly; details of such services can be found here.

If you would like to refer a couple for genetic counselling:

  1. Obtain the couple’s consent and complete a referral form. Ensure that a contact phone number for the couple as well as laboratory ID numbers and/or copies of genetic screening results are included.
  2. Fax the referral form to us on 1800 961 766. We will confirm receipt of this referral and forward it to an independent accredited genetic counsellor who will contact them directly within three business days.
  3. The counsellor will send a report directly to the requesting doctor after the counselling session or advise if the couple has declined the offer.

This service is limited to one counselling session per couple and addresses informational and psychological matters relating to preconception carrier screening results only. This offer is not available to patients who are outside Australia at the time counselling is required.

Referrals for free genetic counselling for preconception carrier screening must be received within two months of the latest Sonic Genetics report being issued. To access genetic counselling outside this period, or for genetic counselling for other purposes, patients can be directly referred to a genetic counselling provider. A list of potential providers can be found here.