Each panel is selected from a list of genes on the basis of the clinical presentations associated with the selected genes. Some genes may have multiple presentations and hence are listed in more than one panel.
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The genes included in the panel list are under continual review. Genes currently included in the non-Medicare rebated tests can be found here.
If further details are required for any gene, https://omim.org/ is a good reference site.
Please note that we have not indicated whether a gene can cause multiple cardiac and non-cardiac disorders; this information is available in the external omim link above. This information may assist doctor and patient in considering the significance of incidental findings arising from a panel test.
Please note that, even if a mutation is identified in a specific gene, an associated non-cardiac disorder is not necessarily likely to occur or to be untreatable.
We provide this supplementary information in good faith, but recognise that our list is not comprehensive; we have included links to further information should this be sought. Clinicians should not rely solely on the summary we have provided.