Cardiac genetics

For each cardiovascular disorder, an abnormality in any one of a number of genes can make a major contribution to that disorder, that is, one disorder can be caused by many different genes. On the other hand, an abnormality in one gene can potentially cause a number of different disorders, that is, one gene can cause many different disorders, including non-cardiovascular disorders.

The purpose of genetic testing in cardiac disorders

A ‘familial cardiovascular disorder’ is a disorder that runs in the family because of an inherited genetic error. If an inherited genetic error is the major underlying cause of your patient’s cardiac disorder, the abnormal gene may have been inherited by the patient’s relatives. Relatives who have inherited the abnormal gene may also be at risk of developing the disorder

  • Although there is no current cure for genetic heart disease, the confirmation of a genetic cause for a patient’s heart disease can provide valuable information about:
  • The types of cardiac problems that could arise
  • The risk and severity of life-threatening events, such as a cardiac arrest
  • The most appropriate way to monitor cardiac health and risks
  • The most effective medication to reduce the risk or severity of cardiac complications
  • The potential value of more expensive interventions, such as implantation of a defibrillator
  • Clinical screening advice for other at-risk family members
  • Options for family planning, including pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

Cardiac genetic testing through Sonic Genetics

For non-Medicare rebated tests we can facilitate testing through our partnership with Bioscientia, our sister laboratory in Germany, Sonic Genetics offers your patients a comprehensive cardiac genetics testing service, incorporating the latest laboratory analytics and interpretation of results.

Clinical disorders

The clinical disorders (and corresponding name of the gene panel) currently offered are as follows:

Gene panels

The genes included in each panel above are under continual review. For an updated list of genes included in the panel please click here.

Genetic counselling

Sonic Genetics provides pre- and post-test genetic counselling for affected patients who have diagnostic cardiac genetic testing. Click here for more information.