Find It cancer hotspot panel

Personalised cancer care

The Find It cancer hotspot panel is a multiplex next generation sequencing assay, designed to identify common, clinically actionable genomic alterations in most solid tumour samples. The Find It panel provides a personalised understanding of a patient’s tumour.

Why choose the Find It cancer hotspot panel?

  • Detects mutations that have prognostic and diagnostic value.

  • Identifies potential therapeutics or potential clinical trials.
  • Finds acquired resistance mutations to drugs and assists in the selection of medicines.
  • Available exclusively through Sonic Genetics.

Optimised for clinical benefit

  • Detects single base substitutions (SNVs), small deletions and insertions up to 24 nucleotides.
  • Simultaneously evaluates the mutation status of tumour DNA at more than 140 well-characterised positions (hotspots) and more than 20 full exons in no less than 30 cancer-associated genes.
  • Catalogues genomic alterations, linking them to details on treatment sensitivity and resistance, as well as clinical trial information.

Comprehensive reporting

  • Reports feature a detailed clinical interpretation, with information based on the mutation profile of the tumour.
  • A seamless full service approach enables physicians to make more informed patient decisions.

Is the Find It test reimbursed by Medicare?

Currently, the full Find It panel is not covered by a Medicare rebate and will be privately billed. Some focused panels are rebated by Medicare if criteria are met avoiding any out-of-pocket charges for your patient. Other focused panels are available and will be privately billed. An add-on panel can be requested to extend a focused panel to a full panel for a subsidised price. For current pricing, please refer to the Further Information section below and for further details please refer to the Resources section below. Please contact us if you have further enquiries.

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